With the high volume of online booking tools readily available online, it is easy to think you would get a better deal booking yourself rather than using a TMC like Gray Dawes.  You may also believe another good option would be to book directly with the hotel themselves and therefore save money on any booking or admin fees.  What may seem like an instant win, can result in considerable missed savings further down the line.

Let me explain….

Over the past year our business travel consultants booked a total of 30,357 room nights worth £34,163,519 in the UK alone.  When booking this amount of volume nationwide it gives us a powerful platform to negotiate directly with hotels and any related brands within a hotel chain.  Gray Dawes Group have a specific supplier relations team that have built long standing, strong relationships with key hotel chains throughout the globe.  Ranging from budget accommodation to luxury apartments, Gray Dawes can offer the best deals and rate packages, passing the savings directly onto the client.

Looking at the actual cost of travel

You are quoted a room in London for £180.00 from your Gray Dawes BT Consultant. You then have a quick search online to see if anything is cheaper and find a similar hotel of the same standard a few stops away on the tube for a super-saver rate of £165.00.  Obviously, you would choose to book the lower price rather than the original “more expensive rate”.   After spending £12.00 on a taxi, you arrive at the check in desk of your hotel and advise you will need to work a few hours in the evening, an additional £10.00 for Wi-Fi is charged. As you are handed your room key, you are informed of the breakfast times and told this is not included in your rate – a further £15.00 is charged.

The original hotel Gray Dawes quoted included WiFi, breakfast and was located a 7-minute walk away from the location of your meeting.  Your super-saver rate originally booked for £165.00 has now cost £202.00.  Gray Dawes pride themselves on understanding their clients and what they require from a hotel rate.  Negotiated rates may also allow a little more leverage if plans change, leading me onto my next point…..


With meetings being cancelled last minute and unpredicted travel disruptions, things don’t always go to plan.  Often, cheaper hotel rates come with stipulations such as advance purchase or are non-refundable.  It may appear you saved £25.00 on a non-flexible rate but if your plans change, you have lost more than you have saved. You can still book advance purchase, non-refundable package rates through Gray Dawes with these stipulations, however if your plans do change our team have good relationships that have been built on years of negotiating with hotel chains.  As mentioned, Gray Dawes have been working with hotels for years and built great relationships which means we would be able to potentially negotiate a change of date or waiver a cancellation fee from the hotel, more so than the average public booking.

Make every booking count

Booking all your hotels stays through Gray Dawes gives us the best data to go directly to a hotel and negotiate on your behalf.  Bookings made at the same hotel but through an online tool or other method will not contribute towards any future rate negotiations.  The discounted rates set in place by a hotel and a TMC will be based on a minimum number of nights spent in a property.  If this is not met at the time of the annual review, the likelihood is this rate will be discontinued.

Security and Safety

Security and Safety is always at the frontline of anything travel related, especially in today’s climate.  In the event of an emergency, duty of care for your employee’s safety and wellbeing is of upmost importance.  With disruptions like natural disasters such as exploding volcanoes to bomb threats and acts of terrorism, you need to be able to track the location of your travellers quickly and efficiently.  Gray Dawes Group can run reports within minutes and find out the exact location of travellers instantly, if booked within our systems.

These are just to name a few, we could go into the benefits of using a billback system and how all your expenses and invoices are kept in one place but we will save that for another time.  Instead you may like to read….