Travelling is one of the few unavoidable situations in life where you’re kept in a confined space for a set amount of time, surrounded by strangers and unable to remove yourself from the situation – it’s prime time to start focusing on other people’s annoying habits! But how many of the most annoying traveller habits have you been guilty of?

Whether you’re a frequent flyer for business, or only travel for your yearly Summer holiday, we can all relate to the sudden rush of irritation – sometimes completely irrationally! – the second someone starts speaking on their mobile phone, or the minute you see the passenger in front of you reaching for the recline lever on their seat. But which of these faux-pas do we travellers find the most annoying, let’s find out!

  1. Noisy Neighbours

We’re not at all surprised that this is the top traveller annoyance, with 57% (according to Travel Pulse) stating this as the most annoying habit when travelling. Whether it’s the noise of someone loudly tucking into their on-board meal, playing their music too loudly, or making excessively loud phone calls for the duration of your train journey – we just can’t drown out the noise!

  1. Mobile Mad

Unsurprisingly, at number two, we’re also easily irritated by those who are constantly on their phone or mobile device. Whether they’re making inconsiderately loud, long calls, leaving their mobile on loud when playing a game or watching a video, or even just for being anti-social when we fancy a chat with a fellow passenger, it seems we can’t stand it.

  1. Insensitivity Abroad

When you’re travelling to a country with a completely different culture, it doesn’t hurt to arm yourself with a little bit of research – it really can go a long way! Inconsiderate travellers in new cultures can find themselves offending locals, particularly in Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, where their unique culture is very important to them. Swot up on some of the more unusual local cultures to make sure you don’t upset anyone, or even get yourself in trouble with the local police!

  1. Groups of Tourists

This can be a tricky one to avoid if you’re planning to go on partaking in group tours whilst you’re travelling, but we all understand how frustrating it can be when you’re sightseeing and you’re being swarmed by large groups of tourists.  

  1. Selfie Lovers

Despite selfies becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, especially now we’re all keen on documenting our travels on social media 24/7, it seems they can still irritate those around you when taken excessively.

We’re quite surprised that reclining seats or lack of personal space didn’t make the cut, but we’re not surprised to hear that excessive noise frustrates more than half of us. What do you find most irritating when trying to settle into a long-haul flight? Let us know in the comments.