A location renowned for its stunning views and picture-perfect sights, the Philippines is one of the gems of the travel world, and for good reason.


As a country, it is by and large still unknown amongst the British population especially as a holiday destination. With over 7000 islands islands you will never run out of exotic beaches to explore in the Philippines. From secluded white sand beaches and celebrity-approved resorts to 24-hour party islands, there are islands to match every kind of traveller and taste.


Your money can certainly go a long way in the Philippines.  Further than, say, Singapore or Malaysia for example. Apart from hundreds of cheap accommodations, you can also get by with approximately twenty-three English pounds, and that includes a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant, transportation fares, and maybe even a drink or two to cap off the day. There are also perks of local beers such as San Miguel and Red Horse are must-tries, not to mention very affordable.


Yes, we did say San Miguel was the local beer and you are probably thinking this is Spanish?  Well, there is a reason for this. Under Spanish rule for more than 300 years, the country’s original name – Islas Filipinas – honoured King Philip II of Spain, and Tagalog (the national language) remains littered with Spanish words. Towns named Sevilla or Valencia are dotted with 16th-century wooden houses and crumbling cathedrals made of white coral and egg white, many of which were damaged by the earthquake of 2013.


There are many places to choose from when you go on holiday to the Philippines that you can’t possibly explore all of them. One place worth mentioning is Boracay, this is one of the more popular destinations and hosts award winning beaches, stunning resorts and lots of activities to partake in. Snorkelling, scuba diving, cliff diving and much more, the nightlife is also vibrant with beach parties all over the island and the prices are very affordable. It’s easy to see why this is seen as the party island.


There are also places like Cebu and Palawan that are great places to go explore, offering picturesque beaches, mouth-watering food options and so much more. Palawan especially has some fantastic sights that are postcard ready and is mainly compiled of islands and lagoons.  The main places to go and visit would be Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princessa. San Vincente and Port Barton are also very popular locations if you have enough time.


October to April is the dry season: the best time to visit. Sunny and dry, with temperatures reaching 35°C-plus in March/April; the mountains can be 10°C cooler. This is peak season for diving as summer’s cyclonic conditions can affect visibility. Whale shark watching season at Donsol runs January-May. In May, Flores de Mayo fiestas are commonplace across the country. May to September is the wet season: humid and hot. Regular tropical downpours can cause road closures, but travel is still possible. Cyclones are a serious risk July-October.


The Philippines is filled with fantastic places to see and visit, and with so much choice that you really can’t go wrong.  The suggestions made in this article are only a fraction of what this wonderful country has to offer.  Gray Dawes Group has some amazing airfares to The Philippines, drop us a line and we can happily put together some quotes.