Wellness as an industry has seen incredible growth over the past few years, and we’ve seen this reflected across the evolution of the travel industry. With the explosion of wellness retreats in leisure, and the rise of business travellers opting to stay in hotels with gyms or even booking self-catered serviced apartments so that they can maintain the same level of health and wellness that they would at home. So, it wasn’t going to be long before we saw the wellness industry influencing the meetings and events sector too.

It’s hard to ignore the wellness inspired events and incentives which have risen in popularity recently, with businesses opting to hold in-house yoga sessions to reward their hard-working employees, free fruit distributed around offices to encourage healthy eating habits, and events serving up fresh smoothies and juices alongside the traditional prosecco offering.

But what about meetings? With the average UK office worker spending a total of 187 hours – or 23 days – a year in meetings, for those on a mission to stay healthy meetings can be counter-productive. Sitting still for potentially a few hours, with a selection of pastries, cakes and frothy coffees on offer, it’s safe to say that wellbeing is far from the agenda.

So what can be done to make meetings healthier?

Try Walking Meetings

If you’re lucky enough, like us at GDG HQ, to work near a large park or open space, why not take advantage of this on a nice day and hold your meeting outside? A walking meeting is a great way to get active, whilst also getting some much-needed Vitamin D. If you’re putting heads together to come up with some new ideas, then exercise is actually proven to boost creativity – so it really is a win-win!

Re-Think The Snacks

Whilst nobody has ever been disappointed when a visitor brings a box of donuts or cupcakes to a meeting, it wouldn’t hurt to change things up once in a while. Why not think about offering delicious fresh fruit smoothies or juices and granola bars at your next meeting? They’ll still satisfy a sweet-tooth but will also give a great boost of energy.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to staying focused throughout the day, and whilst coffee and tea offers a caffeine boost, we’re all familiar with the crash that comes a few hours later. Be sure to have plenty of water on offer, to help your members stay hydrated and on top form throughout your meeting.

Regular Breaks

If you’re in an all-day meeting, expecting your participants to sit down and stay focused for the entire day is quite an ask. However, by incorporating regular breaks – snack breaks or perhaps one or two organised activities, such as a mindfulness exercise or a yoga break – you’ll be surprised at the effect this can have on holding attention spans!

We hope this has given you some inspiration to start taking steps towards creating healthier meetings for your business. If you would like to speak to one of our team about organising your next meeting, find out more here or contact our events team here.