Passengers travelling with Lufthansa in the Schengen area will now automatically receive their boarding pass to their smartphone 23 hours prior to departure without having to manually check in.

The automatic check-in procedure is also available for travel on the Lufthansa Express Rail and Bus services. In order to use the service, passengers must input their personal details in the Miles & More account or Lufthansa iD profile.

The airline says customers can still change their seats, cancel their check-in, activate an electronic luggage tag at home and download e-journals with automatic check-in. It claims the process saves travellers time and that customers who don’t wish to use the service can deactivate the option at any time in their profile.

Passengers who don’t currently have a Lufthansa iD or Miles & More account can sign up for automatic check-in using a link provided in their booking confirmation, after which point the service is only valid for that particular flight.

Lufthansa says automatic check-in is not available for air travel not completely within the Schengen area and passengers travelling outside of this area will still have to check-in manually.



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