Emirates is celebrating the arrival of its 100th Airbus A380 superjumbo.

The aircraft is laid out as three cabin classes with 14 private seats in first class, 76 seats in business class and 426 seats in economy. It also features an on board lounge for passengers on the upper level on the aircraft.

It will be on display at the upcoming Dubai Air show and become active afterwards. It features 1500 flight deck crew and has over 23,000 cabin crew specifically trained for the A380 aircraft.

The chairman of Emirates Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum added “This is a tremendous moment for Emirates, for Airbus and for our many partners involved in the A380 programme.

“There is no doubt that the A380 has had a big positive impact on aerospace manufacturing and the broader aviation industry, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and stimulating innovation and new product development in many related areas such as ground handling, catering, airport facilities and cabin products, to name a few.

“Importantly, the A380 also brought the flying experience for our customers to the next level. The aircraft itself is a showpiece of engineering.

Finally he ended by adding this: “We remain committed to the programme and will work closely with Airbus and our partners to continually enhance our A380 product as we look ahead to receiving our remaining 42 aircraft on order.”