The more the employees fly, the more the company earns

Introducing the new Alitalia BusinessConnect for all small and medium enterprises. The program entitles companies to earn miles each time their employees fly for business.


Joining BusinessConnect is completely free.



Miles can be earned on the company’s BusinessConnect account by purchasing flights operated by Alitalia or its partners.

Miles can be used by the company:

  • To claim award tickets for Alitalia flights or those of its main Partner Airlines
  • To get discounts of up to 100% of the flight ticket value on the purchase of your next trip using the Cash&Miles service
  • To buy services such as class upgrades, extra baggage allowance and entry into the Casa Alitalia lounges
  • To receive one of the exclusive MilleMiglia Gallery rewards



  • It offers generous miles
  • It is flexible to use
  • It is clear, transparent and easy
  • Benefits can be gained on the entire Alitalia network as well as main Partner Airlines’ networks too
  • It is completely free