Not feeling the love from your TMC?

Putting You First

From day 1 you’ll be assigned a dedicated implementation team who will work with you to fully understand your requirements and objectives. We’ll set out a clear and simple plan to get you up and running quickly and smoothly.

Knowledge is Power

We will work with you to devise a communication plan, advising your travellers and bookers about their new TMC and how to contact us. We offer various means of training on our online systems, whether that’s on-site at your office or via remote web-based sessions.

Perfectly in Sync

Our online and offline reservation systems are all fully integrated with our proprietary Profile Manager tool. This means we can upload all your company and traveller information simultaneously at the push of a button.

Feel the Love

We don’t just ‘implement and run’. Your dedicated account manager will be with you throughout your change over to Gray Dawes Travel. They’ll be on hand for regular review meetings, ensuring your travel programme is staying on track and evolving appropriately as your business needs change.

It’s all about YOU

Everything we do at Gray Dawes Group is with you, our client, in mind.
From our bespoke technology solutions to the high level of service our dedicated travel teams provide, you’ll enjoy business travel with a personal touch.

You enable us to be better.

Get into bed with someone new


We know it can seem daunting, the thought of trusting your travel management with someone new. But we assure you our onboarding and implementation processes are seamless.

Making that change doesn’t have to be a painful, drawn out process either. In fact, we can have you up and running quicker and easier that you think!


The Four Ps

We don’t over-complicate the process of changing TMC.
Our Four Ps principle ensures we concentrate on what’s important to get you up and running in no time.


If you have your employee details compiled within your HR system, we can arrange an upload via CSV or Excel into our Travel Portal for traveller profile completion. This not only saves you time, but gives you complete visibility of the information, plus the ability to edit, add and delete profiles with just a few clicks.


With all traveller profiles completed and access permissions granted, your employees’ travel preferences are automatically added to every booking enquiry. Any changes to your travellers’ personal information or preferences need only be made once to sync across all other booking platforms, without you having to make further changes.


Supply us with your travel policy and we’ll customise your online booking portal to reflect your company’s guidelines. We’ll incorporate your policy into a unique customer record, for your dedicated team of travel consultants to follow. You’ll also get an Account Manager who will work with you to evolve and improve your policy in-line with your travel objectives.


Our flexible payment options mean however you decide to settle – by invoice, credit card or virtual card payment – we look at integrating costs and invoices directly into your accounts system. We take into consideration cost centres, department codes, purchase order numbers, etc. to help save you time with reconciliation processes.


Sustainable Travel Programme

What better way to show you care this Valentine’s Day than by caring for our planet? We want to do everything we can to improve the sustainability of travel. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Forest Carbon and our own parent company, Inchcape Family Estate in Scotland, to devise a meaningful and practical solution to sustainable business travel. With woodland and peatland restoration projects throughout the UK, you can see and touch the difference this programme makes.

So if you’re thinking about switching TMC because you’re not getting enough TLC then now is the time to do so. At Gray Dawes Travel, caring for our travellers and the planet are right at the top of our agenda.


Don’t put up with it any longer…
get a TMC who cares.