Traveldoo- FAQs

Traveldoo- FAQs
How can I view more fares on a flight option?

From the search results it is possible to view more fares and options (within policy) by selecting the “Other Fares” link as shown below.

More fares are shown including hand baggage inclusive / exclusive options.

How can I sort results and remove lengthy connecting flights?

Currently it is not possible to filter results by time and cost, however it is possible to sort results buy the three options highlighted below. The “Shortest Journey Time” option will assist with removing lengthy connecting flights.

How do I book an itinerary with a mixture of airlines?

In the vast majority of cases it is best to book with the same outline out and back on an itinerary. However sometimes due to availability and routings a selection of airlines are required. Whilst Traveldoo will return a price if this seems high, try splitting into two different single tickets – as per the screen shots below. Alternatively, your offline team will be pleased to help.

Through itinerary (expensive):

Split tickets:

How can I search by timetable?

Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to search for flight and fare options from a timetable. In order to do so, ensure that you are firstly searching specifically for “Flights” (not the default Flights or Trains) and select the “Flight by Flight Search” button as below:

The system will return outbound flight options to select from, noting the filters to sort by departure time of shortest journey.

You will then be able to select a return / onward flight. We strongly recommend that you use the same airline throughout the itinerary.

The system will then return a price based on the flights selected along with some alternative lower cost flights:

Why is the system not returning the flights I require?

The most frequent reason for not seeing the specific flights that you require is due to the input of defined flight times. In the example below 0700 outbound and 1700 return.

Based on the above search the results are no direct services and no 1 connections either. This is because the system searches 2 hours from the search time when a time is specified.

By entering ‘no preference in the flight times, more options including direct flights.