Locate Your Travellers at Any Time

It may all sound a little bit Big Brother but being able to track your travellers location is hugely important should a major situation arise and you want to be sure that your business either has nobody affected and if you do, what can be done to immediately get them away from the problem. There are 3 main areas where traveller tracking is a vital service; terrorist incidents, natural disasters and major strikes. Our systems enable us to quickly identify any traveller, booked via GDG, who is in an area affected by a breaking situation. We can then equally simply and efficiently make contact with those affected to revise their travel plans to keep them safe and get them home. In the vast number of scenarios we are able to make contact with travellers and put in place contingency plans even before they are aware of there being a problem.

Our traveller tracking system

  • A fully secure online system that pinpoints traveller location (based on booking data) at any current, past or future point in time
  • When needed we quickly run reports to see if any of our client travellers are affected by a breaking news event
  • Based on our contingency planning protocols (agreed at implementation) we will contact affected travellers (and any other relevant senior company personnel) to advise that you have an affected traveller and what is being done to assist
  • We advise whether or not any travellers booked through GDG are affected
  • Authorised clients can have their own access to our traveller tracking systems so that they can run reports at any time they wish regardless of whether there is an ongoing “crisis!
  • We can provide a weekly traveller location report (most popular dispatch time is early Monday am) that is emailed to approved contacts and details the location of all your travellers in the week ahead
  • Our main system tracks travellers based on booking data. Should you wish to take this one step further and track travellers precise, up to the minute location through mobile GPS tracking then we can also provide this solution (given the nature of this kind of tracking it is required that each travellers opts in to being tracked in such a way