Managing our clients’ business/ ad-hoc travel

A significant part of what we do as a business is the management of day to day, business travel. The skills to manage this type of travel are very different to those of managing major group and team travel and that’s why at TMG we have a division of experts who manage our clients day to day business travel needs. We work with a variety of different “departments” within our sporting clients managing day to day, ad-hoc business travel requirements including senior management, scouting network, commercial department as well as personal competitor travel.

Our Services

Although no professional sports business travel requirement will be identical there are a few fundamental areas that are true across all clubs and associations.

We’ll assign a dedicated team of sports business travel specialists to manage your travel account. Your team is always just a quick call or email away no matter what your need and they’ll quickly build a detailed understanding our your precise needs and will tailor the service delivered accordingly.

Importantly for our sporting clients, our business travel teams are available 24/7. No matter what time of day you need to create, amend or cancel a booking you’ll have a UK office based consultant to assist…. no calling a mobile number in the middle of the night waking up your travel consultant!

We’ll give you access to the widest possible options for any itinerary through our aggregated content systems (GDS, direct connects, aggregators) as well as accessing our and your specially negotiated rates. We’ll work with you fully to implement any applicable authorisation protocols or corporate travel policy, put in place emergency traveller tracking systems and provide monthly management information that details your precise travel spend and patterns.

We’ll provide comprehensive and personalised management information reporting so you will have a full and complete understanding of your travel profile, patterns and expenditure and we’ll scrutinise this information to highlight opportunities for future explotation.

In addition to the team of business travel consultants assigned to work, and build relationships, with you we also have a comprehensive suite of online booking tools meaning that your bookers can secure their reservations online whilst adhering to travel policy, authorisation procedures, billing mechanisms and also accessing any applicable special rates and fares all in one search. As a business nearly 60% of business travel bookings are now made by our clients online.

Our Traveller Security and Data Suite ensures we can quickly and simply locate your travellers at the point of crisis or emergency and put in place expedient contingency/ repatriation plans.