Corporate Travel

Here at Gray Dawes we promise to deliver the best end to end corporate travel management possible while delivering unrivalled value.

We achieve this by combining industry-leading experts with the latest travel technology to give you a seamless travel experience.

Industry Leading Travel Experts

Established in 1927, we have continuously been at the forefront of innovation in business travel to enable us to deliver our clients the highest levels of service and support.

No matter whether you are a traveller, travel booker or a member of the finance team we build our service around your needs and let our industry leading experts deliver.

Innovating Travel Technology

Technology powers successful travel programmes. This is why we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of travel technology, our in-house tech team are constantly developing new software to make your business travel seamless.

This is why we have a multi-award winning, market leading, global travel booking platform. It gives you everything you need on a single platform, keeping you in complete control every step of your journey.

Having an in-house tech team means we are large enough to deliver you the best in class technology while maximising cost savings but also agile and responsible to give you a flexible technology solution.


Find Out More About Business Travel

Leave us your details and one of our travel experts will be in touch to discuss your travel requirements and how we can help transform your travel programme.

Service Excellence

Delivering our clients the best service possible is what drives us here at Gray Dawes and we always deliver this with a personalised travel management programme which drives value, efficiency and safety at every step of the journey.

We achieve this by putting our people at the heart of everything we do. Achieving a 98% client rate is down to making it our goal to provide you with a service that will impress and is unique to you. We also have a high staff retention rate meaning you will always deal with the same person, all year round.


Cost Reduction

Our focus on supplier relations means that we have a global network which allows us to deliver unrivalled global buying power which we then pass onto you.

We draw on our experience to make your travel budget go further, we combine our people with the latest analytics tools to make sure that every step of the way we are delivering value in your travel programme.

Your dedicated travel consultant will work closely with our specialist fares desk to make sure you take advantage of fare reductions and free upgrades right up until you take your journey.

Duty Of Care

Gray Dawes believes that traveller safety, security and wellbeing is integral to what we do. We ensure that we have cutting-edge technology that can pinpoint your exact location anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

Not only do we know where all our travellers are but we also provide emergency assistance around the world and around the clock so you don’t have to deal with any incidents alone. Safety is as important to us as it is you which is why we always go that extra step to make you feel at ease travelling.


Getting travellers to stay within policy is tricky and we understand that is important to ensure compliance is completely adhered to from the word go. Which is why our technology enables us to track travel expenses, analyse traveller and booker behaviour to pinpoint noncompliance trends.

Our ethos is to work together and educate travellers to better understand their behaviour and satisfaction levels to help you eradicate non-compliance across your travel programme.

Data Reporting

Data means better insights and better insights mean better decisions. We understand this which is why we provide every last piece of data to you as soon as possible so you can make real-time actionable decisions to better your travel programme.

Using our intuitive data reporting software you get instant access to key information and with our in-house tech team, we can offer you bespoke reports unique to you.

Global Fulfilment

Gray Dawes is a leading travel management company in our market which means we are a member of the Radius Travel Network; a globally recognised travel management company.

We meet Radius’ global service, operations and data standards which give us get the opportunity to service you in 112 countries worldwide, delivering: global contracting, implementation, account management, technology, data, and savings – all with exceptional local service.

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Get in touch with one of our travel experts to discuss how we can help transform your travel programme.

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