Whether it is finding a spectacular venue to launch your new product to a great media and consumer fanfare or an overseas location allowing your specially invited guests to sample your new vehicle on the road…. we’ve got a wealth of experience in managing brand enhancing corporate product launches that hot all the right notes.

As well as delivering an exciting, creative and unique product launch programme we will also ensure that all the event travel logistics are expertly managed. We specialise in ensuring that your invited guests have a supreme experience right from receiving their first invite. Your new product may be fantastic but if the Press experience issues and problems getting to your event then their views may be clouded.

We ensure that every element, every fine detail of your launch goes to plan. From the exciting creative edge to the more mundane travel logistics.

Our first task is to get a full and complete understanding of your product launch brief. What are you looking to achieve? Who is your targeted audience? What has been done previously? What worked, what didn’t? Any effective product launch has to be strictly tailored not just to budget but also to the people whose behaviour you are looking to positively influence.
Once we truly understand what it is you are looking to achieve we’ll then be able to go away and develop concepts and ideas which we think will deliver. It may be that a previous event we have managed would, with a little tweaking, fit the bill but far more likely we’ll create something new and bespoke for you. Once we’ve formulated our ideas and plans we’ll present the concepts to you for feedback and thus fine tune the whole programme until you are fully enthused and delighted with the product launch concept.
When the campaign is agreed it’s time for implementation. Where we differ from many of our competitors is that the team who have worked on creating your concept will also be the same people who will deliver the event thus communication channels and relationships have been built and we can proceed straight away knowing your exact needs and preferences. Your account management team would be available to you 24/7 and will keep you fully up to date at every stage of the actual implementation of your itinerary. This will include making sure that you are fully aware of any impending decision deadlines regarding commitments and number of attendees etc. We pride ourselves on the detail and thoroughness of our initial proposal which means that there will be no nasty surprises during implementation and one of our first tasks when an event is confirmed is for us to go back and further renegotiate rates with all end suppliers.
You will receive an expert service from your account management team and so will your audience. The needs of a marketing communication campaign differ from client to client regarding the need for GD Events’ involvement. As far as we can call anything “typical” most recently we have provided the following services for our clients product launches; creation and hosting of a special, bespoke “members-only” event website to act as a focal point for all event related information and the publication teaser details if appropriate, regular email communication to potential attendees detailing the new product, a teaser campaign (including mailed items and spot prizes), a concierge telephone line to answer and questions or queries that potential attendees may have (answered in your name, not ours), full management of the registration process and dispatch of all relevant itineraries and event details etc.
Your account management team is with you every step of the way and the people who you first bounced round ideas and concepts with at the outset will also be the people onsite to ensure successful event delivery. Even with the best laid plans things can alter and change during an event that is why our team will be there, very much in the background, to ensure that your event happens exactly as planned and should any issue arise they will be swiftly dealt with and your guests will remain oblivious. We’re there to make sure that everything happens as planned and will take care of the finest detail meaning that you can enjoy the event yourself and mingle with your important guests fully confident that the ongoing logistics are in safe and experienced hands.
Once the event is complete and your guests are safely back home it is time to complete the circle. When we first started discussing the project we will have agreed what it is you were looking to achieve during your big launch. If your goals were around areas such as increased brand awareness or improved brand feeling then we will work with you to create, dispatch and measure appropriate post event feedback to assess levels compared to those found prior to the campaign. If your goals were of a more tangible kind such as a % increase in overall sales then determining the events return on investment is a little easier to quantify. Whatever it is you wish to measure, indeed if you’re not quite sure what your most appropriate metric/s should be we’ll be able to bring our knowledge and experience to the fore to assist in any way we can.