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We’re not only here to provide the creative spark that’ll deliver an exceptional, never to be forgotten event we’re also here to take some of the more mundane, administratively difficult group travel logistics from your hands.

Ensuring our clients’ guests have a first class experience from beginning to end starts from the moment they leave home. We work with our clients to put in place seamless group travel logistics no matter what the need may be.

From negotiating and contracting group flight rates to booking and managing airport accommodation, airport parking and airport lounges through to a full VIP experience involving private aircraft charter and VIP terminal entry and off-site check-ins we are here to ensure your whole event runs smoothly.

We’ll negotiate and contract rates, manage allocations, assign guests to rooms and flights…. in short, ensure that your event starts as you mean to go on with a first class experience for your attendees.

A small selection of the companies that Gray Dawes Group we have provided a full aircraft charter and travel logistics service for include Arsenal FC, Audi, Chelsea FC, Manchester United FC, Nissan, RBS, Peugeot and Volvo.

Coach Seats

We have vast experience in the sourcing and operation of private charter flights. Working with both corporate and sporting clients we have chartered close to, if not over,  1000 aircraft. Whether you are seeking to get to a hard to reach destination or, more likely, are after an exclusive experience for your guests then private chartering is the perfect way to get your event off to an impressive start. You can charter small business jets through to large B747s depending on your need. We’re also able to provide a range of on-board and in airport branding opportunities (including full plane livery if you’d like) and VIP airport terminal access. Our experience in corporate aircraft charter is far beyond any other corporate event management company.

Chartering aircraft is not always the most appropriate option depending on the size of your group and, or end destination. Alongside our charter experience we have vast knowledge of the management of group scheduled flights. From negotiating the best rates with the airlines through to ensuring you enjoy the best possible terms (attrition rates, name change deadlines, baggage allowances etc) we will fully manage the airline relationship on your behalf. We will also provide onsite support at check-in and, where allowed by the airport, setup a dedicated and branded check-in channel exclusively for your guests.

Many overseas conferences and corporate events involve an early start on the day of departure to ensure that “time on the ground” at the destination is maximised. The management, contracting and payment of airport hotels can be time consuming and an administrative headache. We take the management of airport accommodation out of the hands of our clients. After understanding who qualifies for overnight accommodation (those with a journey time of over a hour to the airport for example) we will negotiate ates with relevant on-airport or near airport properties and assign rooms accordingly. Where appropriate we will also provide welcome desks at the hotels to greet your guests and can bill back meals and extras to you should you wish to accept these charges on behalf of your guests.

Airport parking is another potentially burdensome area of corporate event planning, we take that responsibility on. Whether you are just looking to ensure you access the very best rates for long to medium term car parks or if you’d like your guests to benefit from meet and greet arrival services at the terminal we’ll be able to manage this for you. We are also able to assign, and brand, a particular area of an airport’s parking facilities so your guests have their very own section to park in.

Need a lounge for your guests to relax and mingle in before your flight then that’s not a problem, let you account manager know and they will arrange the necessary. For charter flights there is often the option of departing from a separate VIP terminal which will allow for the utilisation of a private are as standard.

As with all our event services we provide full attendee management for the travel logistics projects we undertake. We’ll manage attendee registration online as well as over the phone and provide an inbound call team to manage any questions or queries that may arise from your attendees. We’ll send our fully branded invites (hard copy and, or digital) and well as joining instructions, itineraries, gifts as well as any other communication you wish to have with your attendees in the lead up to, during or post event. As part of registration we will also manage the associated elements of your trip- airport accommodation, parking etc. In short, we’ll remove all the administrative burden from you in the management of such logistically complex projects. No job is too big or small, we have managed such projects form 2000+ simultaneous travellers, our systems and processes are second to none.

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