We understand that a corporate celebration (be it an award night, gala dinner…) needs to be truly memorable and an experience that reinforces the quality of your brand.

After receiving a corporate celebration brief we ensure that all venues sourced for your corporate celebration are matched perfectly to your needs. We actively scour the market to provide you with the ideal setting for your all important occasion.

Each one of our assigned team invests significant amounts of time to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in the venue world, ensuring that the latest, most exciting new venues are always joining our radar.

With a strong focus on brand, budget and your detailed event aspirations we deliver never to be forgotten corporate celebration experiences.

Our first task is to get a full and complete understanding of your celebratory expectations. What are your goals? Who is your targeted audience? What has been done previously? What worked, what didn’t? Any effective celebration event has to be strictly tailored not just to budget but also to the people whose behaviour you are looking to positively influence.
Are you looking for a theme that is matched to your brand or something entirely different that would add a unique angle to the event? In close consultation with you we will discuss ideas around the theming of your event, this can run right through the event campaign (if appropriate) to include marketing comms and invites through to “fancy dress” and the actual layout and design of the venue itself. From austere and more formal occasions through to Caribbean Calypso extravaganzas, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the best theme for your planned event.
Likely linked closely with theme we’ll help fully plan the nights entertainment. We’ve worked with all sorts of budgets from guest speakers such as Neil Armstrong and Erin Brokovich and entertainers of the likes of Michael McIntyre our clients have enjoyed some truly exceptional entertainment. For those whose budgets do not quite stretch to the a-list we’re able to source more financially friendly, yet still exceptional, entertainment options from guest speakers to compares to magicians “working the room” and live music.
It’s fairly standard that alcohol may flow at a corporate celebration event. Couple that with the fact that your attendees may have had a long road, rail or flight to get to the venue means that overnight accommodation is usually very firmly a requirement of the events we manage. Some clients choose to hold their event in a hotel with appropriate event facilities whilst other, perhaps looking for a more unique and distinct event venue location, choose other venues. Regardless of where your event is taking place and the number of attendees (many events utilise more than one overnight hotel for their guests to meet room requirements) we will take on full responsibility for room negotiation and contracting and well as attrition management and full rooming list liaison with your chosen property/s. We’ll also set up a dedicated welcome desk at the hotel to welcome and check-in your guests and provide private transfers to your event venue should this be beyond the hotel’s grounds.
How attendees attain their invite to your event can vary. Some events are invite only to a known group of important clients and or employees. Other events are run as incentive awards where attendees qualify for an invite across a set period of time. Regardless of who your attendees are and how they “qualify” for attendee we can manage the registration process both online and via an inbound call team. Not only will we get attendee attendance confirmation but will also ascertain key information such as meal requests and any other personal preferences, we are also here to answer any questions or queries that your invitees may have about the upcoming event taking this often time consuming task out of the hands of our clients.
We’ll communicate directly with your attendees as a full extension of your business. We can send emails and answer our dedicated phone lines in the name of your business i.e. “Hello XYZ Company events, how can I help?” thus being a silent partner. We can tailor event specific web portals, registration sites, html email templates etc to act fully in line with both your branding requirements and also any agreed event specific theme. Communications typically include invites, registrations, itineraries and post event feedback.