LVMH Group Business Travel Case Study

Key Benefits

  • Providing consolidated reporting; as well as reporting by individual brand
  • Central channel of communication through to all brands
  • Sharing best practice and providing feedback and recommendations on travel behaviour


The LVMH Group has been a client of Gray Dawes for over 10 years and over this period has enjoyed a strong partnership. As the Group has grown over the years we have been in a position to manage the increased spend and continue to provide a consistent level of service throughout allowing the smaller brands to get the full benefit of the resources allocated to larger accounts.

Service Scope

Given the last minute and highly changeable nature of their travel booking, it is vital to the client that they receive a fully robust and comprehensive 24/7 service.

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Rail
  • Full Visa Assistance
  • Partnering with LVMH preferred suppliers

Our Approach

The LVMH Group allows each of the brands within its group to operate completely independently to maintain and courage their own creativity; culture and identity but provides assistance with regards to managing their travel spend. This is done by providing global travel guidelines; traveller tracking and a managed travel supplier program.

Each brand may apply the policy as they see fit and may amend it to suit their local needs. Gray Dawes is able to facilitate this by treating looking after each brand on it’s own and applying their own individual policy; while benchmarking it against the global guidelines.

This also applies to managing their finance requirements ie invoicing requirements; reference fields and authorisation procedures are all agreed and managed at a brand level.

Reporting is provided at a global level to LVMH Group and is broken down by brand and delivered to the individual brands as per their requirements. Regular travel reviews are conducted with each of the relevant stakeholders centrally and with each of the brands.

Gray Dawes staff enjoy a close working relationship at several levels within each of the brands and have a good working knowledge of the fashion industry. As the travel is a constant mix of planned as well as last minute travel; individuals to group travel; the team are flexible in their management of all travel requests and are able to facilitate all and any requests 24 hours a day.

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