FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Gray Dawes Group

How do you guarantee our travellers receive the best fares?

Our team of dedicated agents strive to achieve you the best fares – whether this be when booking a flight, railway ticket or hotel room. With access to compare rates across the whole of the market, we will find you the best fare to suit your budget. Once your booking has been secured, we’ll continue to check we’ve secured you the best deal.

Can we create an account if we only travel occasionally?

This is a common misconception about using a Travel Management Company – at Gray Dawes, we work with a variety of clients, some whom travel on a daily basis and some who only require corporate travel management occasionally.

How can you save us money on our corporate travel?

We work alongside major airlines, hotels, and travel providers to ensure we can bring you the best possible deals. In-house we have a dedicated team of specialists who will constantly check your booking to ensure we’ve secured you the best deal – we’ll always let you know if we could save you money or even secure you a free upgrade.

Why should we use a travel management company?

Booking your own travel online is relatively straightforward and easy, so why should you consider using a TMC? We go into detail on this here, but to summarise; working with a travel management company can save you time and money, make the booking process more straightforward and provide safer travel for your employees.

Travelling with us

What if I require emergency assistance?

If you require assistance in the event of an emergency, please contact your designated agent using the contact details in your pack. They’ll be able to advise you what to do next.

How can I change my existing travel plans?

If, for any reason, you need to make changes to your booking, then we’d advise you to get in touch with your designated travel agent. If you’d like to make a simple change to your booking, you can do this online. Simply follow the steps below under ‘my reservations’.

How will I receive booking confirmation?

Once your booking has been confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email – this will contain a full itinerary of your booking, along with contact details of your agent, should you need to make any adjustments to your booking.

I can’t find my account log in details – help!

Don’t panic! Simply email gdbookonline@gdg.travel, and they’ll be able to help you get back on track.

Your profile

How is the data saved within my profile used?

The personal information which we save on your profile is used by our travel booker search tools, and designed to save you time during your booking process – as this data is automatically inputted for you, during the booking process. You can rest assured that none of this information is used in any other capacity. Find more information on our official privacy policy here.

Can I add a loyalty programme to my profile?

You can easily add in a loyalty program to your profile by selecting the ‘Loyalty Programs and Travel passes’ menu, under ‘My Profile’. From here, you’ll be able to select the appropriate loyalty program and fill in your details.

How can I change my current password?

Simply log into your account, select ‘My Profile’ and head to the ‘Security and Rights’ section. From here, click onto ‘Password’ – your current password should already be entered, then simply type in your new password and click ‘Save Changes’.

Booking Your Trip

Can I book a seat next to a colleague?

Of course! If you’re booking a multi-traveller trip, you will be automatically seated next to your colleague wherever possible. However, if you’re aware that a colleague is already booked onto the same service you may be able to request a seat next to them, if you know their seat number.

My booking has been declined – what happens next?

If you receive an email declining your booing, check to see whether the approver has given a reason for this decision. When a trip is declined, your only option is to create a new trip and resubmit the request – consider any reasons given for the original rejection.

Can I book on behalf of another colleague?

First, you’ll need to be granted the right by your system administrator. Once this has been done, you should see a ‘Select Travellers’ button on either the ‘Home’ or ‘Plan a Trip’ tabs. This will enable you to book on someone else’s behalf.

Is it possible for me to book a one-way trip?

It is! When you’re logged in to your account and ready to start booking your trip, first select ‘Flights’ or ‘Trains. Then you’ll be able to select the ‘One Way’ button to start your search for one-way travel options.

Your Reservations

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once you’ve completed an online booking, you’ll be presented with a confirmation page summarising your itinerary and booking reference numbers for each aspect of your trip. You’ll also receive this information in a confirmation email.

Help! How can I cancel my reservation online?

If you would like to cancel a reservation, log onto your profile and select ‘My Trips’ from the navigation bar. Find the trip you wish to cancel and select ‘Delete This Trip’ in the adjacent panel. Please note, that due to rules governing the far, some bookings may be non-refundable or subject to a charge.

Can I change my reservations online?

If you want to make small changes to your reservations, then you can do so by logging into your account, clicking onto ‘My Trips’ and then selecting the travel plan you’d like to make changes to. Please note, that some changes can be subject to charges.

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