UK Rail Strikes Planned for December and January

Unionized railway workers plan to stage several strikes between December 13 – January 7. The strikes relate to disputes over pay and working conditions.

Event: Rail strikes
Location(s): Nationwide
Time Frame: Several dates between Dec. 13-Jan. 7
Impact: Rail network disruption, likely congestion on other forms of transport; Eurostar disruption


Staff at Network Rail and 14 train operating companies affiliated with the RMT plan to strike on the following dates between December 2022 and January 2023:

13-14 December 2022
16-17 December 2022
24 December (18:00) – 27 December (05:59)
3-4 January 2023
6-7 January 2023

Unless averted, the strikes will cause significant disruption to the UK’s rail network, while the Eurostar strikes will cause disruption to rail services between the UK and France.

Lingering disruptions will likely affect rail services following strike days as operators reposition rolling stock. Available rail services will likely experience crowding, while significant congestion is likely on alternative means of transport.

Union members may organize demonstrations, which could cause localized disruption. Further strikes are possible over the coming months.


Confirm rail services and allow extra time for journeys December 13 – January 7. Consider alternative transport and book reservations in advance due to increased demand. Follow local travel advice.

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