Strike Action Planned for UK Border Force: 23-31 December

The Public Commercial Services (PCS) Union has announced strike action affecting UK Border Force between 23 December and 31 December.

Event: Strike action
Locations: Various across the UK
Time Frame: 23-31 December


The UK Border Force are planning to carry out industrial action at various locations across the UK. Those who are due to travel into the UK during the proposed strike dates should be prepared to face longer wait times at UK border control.


  • 23 December
  • 24 December
  • 25 December
  • 26 December (until about 7am)
  • 28 December
  • 29 December
  • 30 December
  • 31 December (until about 7am)


  • Birmingham Airport
  • Cardiff Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Heathrow Airport – Terminals 2,3,4 and 5
  • Manchester AirportPort of Newhaven

Border Force’s number one priority is to keep our borders safe and secure for all passengers. They will continue to maintain the checks needed to keep the public safe, while minimising disruption.

Border Force are working closely with all UK ports and carriers to ensure robust plans are in place to minimise any delays if strike action goes ahead, however passengers should be prepared for disruption and should check with their travel operators before travelling.

The eGates will be operating as normal and passengers who can use eGates are encouraged to do so.

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