National Rail Strikes Update

During rail strikes and periods of industrial action, the rail industry does all it can to minimise the impact for our passengers and help you plan around it. This page is updated regularly with the latest travel information.


Upcoming industrial action

Industrial action for May and June:

  • Wednesday 31 May (action by ASLEF union)

  • Friday 2 June (action by RMT union)

  • Saturday 3 June (action by ASLEF union)


The train companies that will be impacted are:

Additionally, an overtime ban for ASLEF members will be implemented on:

  • Monday 15 to Saturday 20 May inclusive

  • Thursday 1 June

Train companies have assessed how this will affect their ability to provide services and passengers are warned to expect significant disruption as it is likely to result in little or no services across large areas of the network. Services are also likely to be disrupted and start later on the day immediately following a strike day.

Check before you travel:​​​​​​​

You are advised to plan ahead and check before your travel.  Please also remember to check your entire journey, especially first and last trains on strike days – and also your return journey if applicable.

You can check the Journey Planner and Live Trains page for the most up-to-date information, and contact your Gray Dawes Travel team with any questions.

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