You may be aware of the forthcoming changes to data protection legislation from May 25th 2018 called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which will affect all business. Gray Dawes view this piece of legislation very positively as it clearly defines what personal data is being held, where it came from, who it is shared with and why. There will also be a great emphasis on data consent process and policies.


Gray Dawes continues work in accordance with current data protection legislation and will ensure that we are fully compliant to the new regulations by early 2018, well ahead of the 25th May 2018 enforcement date.

We have a working group which is assessing the impact of the new legislation across all areas of the business including operations, account management, marketing, finance, technology and supplier relations.


This working group, consisting of senior members of the Gray Dawes management team is delivering a plan that will highlight action points and process changes to be implemented along with a new training schedule for all our 150+ employees.


We are updating our privacy policies to ensure we are providing a straightforward description of what we do with personal data and why we require it.

We are reviewing the data we hold, removing non-essential information and implementing a regular purge of unused information.

We are reviewing our systems to ensure compliance with the right to be forgotten, data portability and subject access requests.

Data protection by design principles are being implemented and adopted across our business
Certain activities, such as the processing of sensitive data, require a data subject’s consent. We will ensure that required consents for any of our products and services that involve the processing of sensitive data are correctly obtained.

We are updating our incident response procedures to account for managing personal data breaches.


Our commitment is to keep all our clients updated on this work and the steps which both Gray Dawes are taking and those required by our corporate client companies and supplier partners.


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At the heart of everything we do are our people. We don’t just mean just our employees, but our clients and suppliers too.

At Gray Dawes Group we strive to create an environment which recognises and nurtures a healthy work/life balance – for our staff and clients alike.

By providing our customers with better travel management, they’re able to achieve what they need to by working flexibly, whether in the office, at home or around the globe.

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