Gray Dawes has built upon a great relationship with a local college, The Colchester Institute, offering young students an opportunity to gain first hand experience in the workplace while earning and gaining qualifications at the same time. Under the National Apprenticeship Scheme, apprenticeships combine practical training within the work place and study. The scheme gives young people the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff, gain job specific skills and at the same time study towards a related qualification.

Amanda Drew

Head of Apprenticeships, Colchester Institute

“With the future horizon of apprenticeships changing considerably, employers are now in the driving seat with regards to how they invest in the skill set of a future generation. Gray Dawes has embraced this opportunity and are seeking to develop a future team with creativity and mind-set for growth”

Joe Collings

Digital Media & Marketing Apprentice

“One of the reasons why I chose Gray Dawes is as soon as I entered the office I could feel it was a very relaxed and calm environment to work in and a place where I could get on with my work efficiently and productively. Before I joined Gray Dawes I was an A level student at Hedingham school where I studied for 2 years. This was good for me as it allowed me to get the qualifications I needed to excel in my career. During A-level Business studies I learnt a little about Marketing and after this I was very intrigued to learn more and at Gray Dawes it has allowed me to learn more about Marketing and why it matters to a business. I was a massive social media user before I joined Gray Dawes as well so that meant I could apply what I learnt from those years to my job.”

Jake Baker

First Line IT Apprentice

“After completing sixth form college where I studied Computing, Business and Applied Science I was looking for an apprenticeship where I could develop my skills and understanding further, and learning more about working within a professional environment. After my interview at Gray Dawes I was hopeful I would get the job as it seemed a friendly, happy and professional place to work in which I could see myself fitting in well within the IT Team.

I am enjoying my course and working for Gray Dawes and look forward to hopefully having a full time position when the apprenticeship comes to an end.”

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