Flying towards the future: The Lufthansa A350

The A350, the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly long-haul aircraft, represents the on-going renewal of the Lufthansa fleet. New digital services make the journey even more enjoyable.

The wider cabin, innovative lighting concept, quiet engines and lower cabin pressure ensure passengers experience a thoroughly relaxed journey.

Cattle class? Anything but!

The seats in economy class are ergonomically designed and have blue “colorbreeze” upholstery, i.e. the shade gets darker from the middle seat of the middle seat block towards the windows.   Passengers in all travel classes now benefit from higher air humidity and higher cabin pressure along with larger monitors.

Business and class

The 48 seats in business class will carry the design we all know and love. However, passengers can expect even higher comfort levels, with wider seats, bigger footrests and a new media experience with larger screens.

The first 10 of the 25 Airbus A350s ordered by Lufthansa will be stationed in Munich. Current destinations include Boston , Delhi and Mumbai.  





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